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Tours Africana is committed to providing you with the African experience you are searching for, No matter your choice of destination, preference, budget, goal or occasion, we cater for every need and dream!

We try to be as flexible as possible to ensure your time spent in Africa exceeds your expectations!


Tailor-made and private tours and safaris

Packages tailor made to suit your individual preferences and needs, so that you may have the African experience you have always dreamed of! We specialize in Southern African safaris and tours; any destination is an option, any trip a possibility!

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Scheduled departure tours and safaris

Our pre-arranged, set itineraries in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa are perfect for large or small groups, or individuals who would like to join a scheduled trip. These itineraries range from 8 day highlight packages to magical 18 day journeys, giving you the opportunity to discover some of the spectacular areas these countries have to offer.

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Luxury lodge safaris

Our luxury, fly in lodge safaris will exceed your every expectation. For those who wish to experience the wilds of the African bush in style and comfort, contact us for options. We have a wide variety of Destinations, budgets and experiences to cater for anyone, from first time visitors to experienced African travellers.

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Fully serviced, mobile, semi-luxury camping safaris

These mobile Botswana camping safaris are semi-luxury trips through some of Botswana’s most pristine areas. Your days are spent exploring the wild in the capable hands of your exceptional, private guide; your nights and down time in the comfort of our camp and en-suite safari tents, maintained by our friendly staff; and all the while enjoying the taste of Africa as prepared by our talented bush chefs.

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Semi-participation, mobile, budget camping safaris

These African adventure travel options for Botswana are perfect for energetic explorers and those with budget constraints. You will enjoy the hands on experience of erecting your mobile camps, exploring the wild in the capable hands of your knowledgeable private guide, all the while enjoying the taste of Africa as prepared by talented bush chefs.

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Combination lodge and camping safaris

For those who would like to experience Botswana from every angle, our combinations of luxury, fixed lodge accommodations and fully serviced, semi-luxury mobile camps are the perfect choice for you! These itineraries provide you with the opportunity to safari in style and comfort, whilst the camping portion is sure to heighten your senses and expose the daredevil in you!

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Photographic safaris

Whether you are an amateur or experienced photographer, our photographic safaris will provide you with ample and great opportunities to take those rare and amazing pictures you have always dreamed of. Our knowledgeable guides will provide the best possible opportunities for photography. Any destination, any option could be a photographer’s paradise!

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Family safaris & Senior Travellers

At Tours Africana we understand there is no better way to explore Africa’s amazing destinations than with your family by your side! For this reason, no one is too young or too old for our African family safaris! Our exceptional guides will safely steer you through the wilds of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, ensuring an educational, fun and precious time for you and your loved ones.

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Honeymoon packages

Let us tailor make your unforgettable African honeymoon for this most special part of your life! Romantic, remarkable honeymoon destinations in Africa are endless! Why not combine an inspiring, wild safari experience with a relaxing, idyllic beach extension or a memorable journey through Cape Town and its surrounds?

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Beach and dive packages

The visions of never ending, white beaches and crystal clear, turquoise waters are the essence of Africa’s east coast, and the embodiment of a perfect beach destination. We are able to create the ideal beach holiday in Africa, including exceptional African diving in Mozambique,South Africa or any other feasible destination!

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Self drive

These tailor made self drive holidays offered in South Africa and Namibia provides the freedom to explore these vast countries at your own pace. We will arrange a hire vehicle for your self drive safari in Africa, which you will use while spending your days exploring areas of your choice, or travelling between the various locations of your planned itinerary.

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Extreme Adventures

Extreme holidays are not for the faint of heart.   These getaways are designed to test you,   physically and mentally as you take on some of Africa’s most extreme experiences.

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   Golfing Destinations

Southern Africa is covered in golf courses. It’s ideal weather, plenty of space and wonderful scenery.

Golfing holidays have become extremely popular in Southern Africa and you will find that golf resorts have done all they can to ensure that your non-golf playing spouse will have the holiday of a lifetime. While you're swinging for that elusive "hole-in-one", your partner can enjoy shopping excursions, world-class spa facilities and day trips to nearby attractions. Romantic locations, fine dining and luxury accommodation are guaranteed to enhance the experience for both partners.

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We at Tours africana are always available to discuss your travel ideas.

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We look forward to showing you around our fabulous region.

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